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    The Medellín Business Association explores and promotes the top small businesses in Medellín and surrounding areas. We promote and mentor locally based businesses with an emphasis on businesses that cater to the local economy. Contact us today us today if you are interested in attending our next business event.

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    Pizza Restaurants in Medellín

    Medellín, also known as the City of Eternal Spring, is one of the most beautiful cities in Columbia. Its cultural diversity is amazing, its architecture is beautiful, its love for nature cannot be explained in words (you can only understand the feeling by admiring the terraces, gardens, parks and balconies in full bloom all year round), its love for art is visible all around, the city looks just amazing (the staircases which solve the issue of its hills are just stunning) and the list can continue. In simpler words, Medellín is a city which will make you fall in love with it, a place where you will feel amazing, either as tourist or as resident. If you haven’t visited it before, you should do this as soon as possible. If you are a foodie type of person, Medellín will take care of you. There are hundreds of restaurants which deserve attention, from the ones serving authentic food to the ones specialized, for example, in pizza. Speaking about pizza, make sure that you don’t miss the Opera Pizzeria & Restaurante Medellín. The pizza they serve here is delicious while the view from the balcony is breathtaking. The Olivia Manilla Pizzeria is another pizza restaurant that you should check out; the food is great while the chill atmosphere will help you relax.


    If you plan to move to Medellín and you are a bit worried about the language, you should know that the BaseLang Spanish School, found in the heart of the most beautiful neighborhood in the city at Cra. 77 #39-40, Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia is where you can easily and quickly learn the language. The school also organizes weekly events so you get the chance to practice the language and meet new people, which will surely prove to be very useful. You should definitely check them out.

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